A support system for your SME business

We understand the hassles of cross-collaboration. That is why VTS 4.0 can provide assistance for your business’ operational, financial, human resource and project management needs. We also aim to add value to our solution offerings and to deliver extra benefit to you and our partners’ businesses.

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Why work with us?


When working with multiple partners at one time, collaboration can sometimes be tough. This becomes a concern because it affects the performance of a business. Issues like compatibility, miscommunication, and misaligned goals are amplified, precious company resources are often squandered in an attempt to balance these tasks. This is where VTS 4.0 comes in. At VTS 4.0, we partner with leading experts in their field to provide optimised solutions for your business. We work with different partners so you can focus on what truly matters in your business. 

VTS 4.0 wants to bring you the future to business. We provide a one-stop shop for these services:

Fleet Management

Ecommerce Solutions

Business Refinancing

Enterprise Resource Planning

HR Management

Point of Sale System

Business to Business Platform

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