Fleet Management System

Partnered with Skyfy Technologies, we don’t only provide top-notch GPS trackers, we analyze your company and provide the service that best suits your company. Fleet Management allows companies that rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and many more.  

Compatible with Multiple Devices


  • Laptop & Desktop Ready
  • Mobile Compatible

An Integrated System


  • Assigns tasks and deliveries to any driver without calling
  • Notifications sent for emergencies and prioritised tasks
  • Delivery status to customers

Live Tracking


Our 24/7 Live Tracking feature captures all necessary vehicular information.


  • Tracks features such as mileage, speed, idle timings, and location
  • Footage recorded and playable
  • Great for insurance claim and accident reports

Generate Reports


Our Sweden-assembled system also allows a day-to-day, fuss-free monitoring and analysis of the various statistics through an archive of daily reports.

Reports include:

  • Daily trip reports
  • Consolidate milege for all vehicles
  • Fuel consulmption
  • Dangerous and reckless driving
  • And so much more!

Delivery Routing


  • Saves past routes
  • Utilises past delivery routes and Google Maps to optimise deliver routes
  • Integrates Google Map for drivers



  • Prevents theft and inefficient driving
  • Virtual boundaries in your vehicles
  • Notifications provided when your vehicles enter or exit the barrier!

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