HR Management

Human resource is the most valuable asset of any business.

 Most successful companies are driven by hard-working employees. Given today’s increasingly competitive and stressful business environment, managing and retaining employees has become a top priority for most human resource professionals and small business owners.

Singapore is one country where the government actively urges employers to promote work-life strategies at the workplace. To this effect, the Ministry of Manpower has launched specialised funds that Singapore companies can tap into in order to develop and implement work-life strategies.

We have partnered with top work life solutions firms to create varied, imaginative, and fulfilling work-life strategies that benefit both the employer as well as employees. Work-life strategies can take the form of flexible work arrangements, leave benefits as well as employee support schemes.

For every $1 spent on family-friendly programmes, the organisation reaped a return of $1.68.

The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF)

Based on a study on 11 Singapore-based organisations

Benefits of good work-life strategies

Improved attraction and retention of talent

Higher productibity and shareholder value

Reduced health-related costs (e.g absenteeism, medical leave)

Improved attraction and retention of talent

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